domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

About time, space, and other silly things

Time does not exist; you make it yourself, who do not exist either.

You make it up in the mornings, when you come into awareness.

It is the same with space and with all the things that you put in it, which, as they do not stand –because they do not exist– you under-stand them.

Actually, time, space, the things and you –all– is the same; ideas, which do not exist either.  

To exist is serious business, because it is forever, but you do not like that, because you are not serious, you like playing with silly things and under-stand them.

You do not want to know, because if you did, you would disappear, and, obviously, you do not like that.

Everything about your crazy doing is thinking, which you do not understand, because it happens before your awareness of yourself.

You do not think. There is the thought of you thinking, but it is not of yours, but you of it.

You are a miss-under-standing. How bad¡ But do not worry, there comes arrogance in your rescue.

As arrogance arrives from the mists of ignorance, you are free to be whatever you want.

But the bad news about that is that it is not true.

In fact, you can do nothing, because you are not cause; you are effect. An effect who thinks of himself to be cause.

But this, again, is not true either, because, being an effect, you do not think; you are thought.

Everything is an illusion, a beautiful word that comes from the Latin, illusio, or cheat.

You are a misunderstanding riding on arrogance.

So, relax. There is nothing that you can do to help it.

Remember that you can do nothing, as you are not cause of anything.

The good news here is that you are innocent. You are not to be blamed for all this mess, that, in any case, is not happening at all.

What a relief¡

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